Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today is my mom's birthday. I called her yesterday wanting to know if she was up to doing anything. She said she'd like a short visit from us...and a juicy hamburger. Her appetite isn't back to normal, she said something about her taste buds being screwed up, but she's wanting a hamburger. Her wish is my demand, we'll stop by Sonic to score one. She talked about her birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas being sort of null and void this year. I asked her what she thought made a good Thanksgiving and Christmas and she answered, "being surrounded by family and friends." I told her that that was what was going to happen, that she was going to be better by this Christmas, and to never throw any time away.

She's feeling better. Got dressed yesterday rather than wear her comfy p.j.'s. The stitches still hurt to wear clothing, but it's getting better. She also fixed her hair and put some make-up on. She IS getting better. The best thing, though, is that mom and dad are a team now. Him and her against this "cancer". She brought up chemo and told me how terrified of it she was. She'll be meeting with her doctor about how to combat the fear. I wished out loud that he had some way to erase the memory of how her own mother suffered during chemo, and how that would make it easier. I'm thinking hypnotism, and I'm not joking. I also wish for my aunt to have it done. I can't imagine what it is like to take care of your mother during such a terrible time. I guess I will be seeing it for myself. All I want is for them to find a drug so she doesn't get sick!!

Anyway, I went to the store to pick out some birthday cards and I sat there crying. I always take about 15-20 minutes to pick out the perfect card. Hallmark has come a long way. They had some that talked about mom being her daughter's best friend. How she is always there for you during your time of need. How no matter what, your mom roots for you, during all times of bad decisions, curtain calls, etc. I just...am so thankful for her. The bad thoughts keep creeping in, and I know they'll be there...but they're coming in less and less. All I know is we need to be appreciative of every moment that we have. Every birthday is now a milestone of her being a survivor. For she IS a survivor, of the most incredible kind.

I picked out two good books for mom to read. One is There's No Place Like Hope by Vickie Girard and the other is Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr. I felt both offered an optimistic way to handle the news, the sickness and the chemo. I'm not sure if she'll ever read them, but I found them written very well and suggest anyone who has a loved one who is a woman who was diagnosed with cancer to read them.

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