Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hope I made the right choice

The past few weeks I've been trying to find a way to get in touch with my brother. The only way I had to stay in contact with him was through Myspace, and he doesn't chack it very often. I decided I would try to contact a friend of his that was on his myspace page that lived in the same city, and waited...waited...waited for this friend to get back in touch with me. He did, gave me Ryan's phone number, and I called Ryan this evening.

I'm pretty much just relieved that he reacted the way he did when I gave him the news. Wanted to know more information, asked for phone numbers, and then asked if he thought it would be alright to actually call my mother. Remember, Ryan and my mom haven't spoken in 8 years. He said he was concerned about upsetting her when she was so weak. I told him that I appreciated his concern and that I would call dad and ask what he thought. He said okay, and that he would talk to his significant other and ask what she thought. I said okay. Ryan acted...HUMAN.

I called dad, and he sounded a bit in shock that I was able to get in touch with Ryan. He thought it might be good to wait a couple of days and then have Ryan call. I said okay, that I would tell Ryan, and we left it at that. I sat down for dinner thinking I had 30 minutes to call Ryan and give him the news. While sitting down for about 30 seconds, my phone rang. My dad had come home and mom was on the phone with Ryan already.

I'm hoping the conversation went okay. I'm hoping this doesn't upset my mom so much that she starts having panic attacks. Maybe this is a way for them to reconnect, forgive, and restart?

I'm waiting very impatiently for my father to call me back and let me know how mom took the phone call. I hope I did the right thing...

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