Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning joy

Last night (or should I say early this morning) I hear the tiny voice of Riordan saying my name from the side of the bed. "Mom, Mom, can I come up?" I groggily say, "Okay" and then pull back the warm blankets and have him climb up. He immediately takes the entire pillow, and my blankets and I listen to him fall asleep. Just like that. I lay there, listening to him breathe. I snuggle up to him to feel his warmth. I nuzzle his face because, even at 5, he has the certain smell that only young kids have. It's a combination of his shampoo, and 5-year-old. I realize that I won't be getting much sleep as he flings his arm and almost knocks me out.

Heh heh. This kid does not know how to share space in bed. I love him anyways.

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