Friday, November 14, 2008


Today was a fun day. Got to spend a lot of money in a short time for home entertainment. Brian and I worked together all day putting together our new television and sound system (okay, HE worked, I was there for moral support). I loved watching Brian, he was so excited. His excitement was contagious. After turning the t.v. on and listened to the first part of a movie, we just sat there in awe. Ha, what technology can do to a person. It was great to keep busy and not constantly think of everything that is going on. Of course, I started to feel guilty that I wasn't thinking about things, but told myself that was ridiculous and snapped out of that funk.

Had my in-laws over for dinner. The conversation quickly went to news about my mom. It's intersting to talk to people. They want to hear, but they don't want to hear too much. Of course, it's nearly impossible to have a conversation when there are three boys vying for their grandparents attention, too.

I talked quickly with mom, and heard it was a down day for her. She's thinking about how she had the opportunity to have a more in depth look at her omentum, and she chose to go to her reunion instead. I told her she couldn't beat herself up for it, how in the heck could she have known? Even the doctors acted like it wasn't that big of a deal. We just don't know, and as people say, hindsight is always 20/20

I wished in my mind that things could go back to normal. Where we only worried about the financial crisis and the fact that Obama is the 44th President (although this wasn't a worry for me, I was elated!!)

What is normal? I'm sure this will become easier, I just don't know if normal will ever be normal again.

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