Monday, November 10, 2008

Outcome 2

After a 2 1/2 hour surgery, the surgeon came out, brought my dad, aunt and I into a room, sat us down and told us what was going on. I had already assumed by how long the surgery took that they had found more cancer than previously thought. They had. It had attacked both ovaries, a small piece of her spleen, all of her omentum, her appendix and also three tumors were on top of her bowel. They were able to remove all cancerous pieces and she believes she got it all. There was no cancer in her lymph nodes, thank goodness. My aunt and I started to cry and then looked at each other wondering WHY we were crying? We knew she had cancer already, but the shock of all of the places it had gone was staggering. We took the two hours we needed for mom to be in recovery to start thinking positively so we could be the light that my mom would need. Unfortunately, it took forever for her to get into another room, so I was not able to see my mom last night. I will be leaving today to go see her.

The plan of action is, of course, chemo. Starting in 4-8 weeks. Two types of chemo, one through an IV and another administered through her abdomen. The abdomen will have stronger side effects (couldn't bring myself to ask what they were, but I can sure guess) and that will terrify her. Administering the chemo to her abdomen will prolong the cancer from coming back 18 more months. Not sure if mom will be up to it.

Prayers would be good. I'm happy that the surgeon thought she got everything, sad that the recovery will take longer. We're talking about a woman who has to leave the house every day or she'll go stir crazy. I'm thankful my aunt is in town, and worried about my dad.


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