Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shoes and the guilty shopper

I'm a woman and I am unique. I feel guilty shopping. If I buy for others, I enjoy it, but when it comes to me, I have to convince myself I'm worth it. I rarely spend more than $20 on a haircut. I don't get my nails done (although I splurge on pedicures once in awhile, but it's not for kicks ass). If I dye my hair, I go to King Soopers and buy the box dye and do it myself. I just don't spend money on myself!

So...I happened to go into Famous Footwear the other day and my eyes fell upon a pair of Dr Martens. On sale. I tried them on. I loved them. I just couldn't fathom spending so much money on a pair of shoes. Yes, I need brown shoes. Yes, they were on sale. Yes, they were the style that I love. But $85!!! Wowzers. So, I left the store without shoes in hand.

Yesterday, I wore my brown boots all day. These boots are not the kind that you walk in for hours. They're cute, but they have a heel (which is something ELSE I don't do) and at the end of the night, my feet hurt, my calves hurt, and those brown Dr Martens were calling my name.

Today, I went out and bought them. Yes, I feel a bit guilty. But they are flat, comfortable and look adorable on my feet. I am happy.

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