Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hard to please

Can't find pic of exact bed. Here's something really close.

Brian and I decided to start looking for a different arrangement of bunkbeds to allow the boys to have a desk in their room. This is something that Daegan has wanted as SOON as we got Corrin a desk in his room. With two boys in the room, every inch of the wall is taken with two beds, two dressers, a bookcase and windows. The room is actually a decent size with lots of room in the middle of the room, but that doesn't allow for a desk.

After searching online, we figured getting a loft bunkbed would be the best solution. You have a bed on top that runs sideways, and then the bottom bunk rests perpindicular to the top bed with a desk on one side and shelves and drawers on the other. This allows one side of the room for the bedding and desk and the other side for room to play. Great solution, right?

We knew the boys would probably argue about sleeping on the top bunk and wanted to discuss it after we had the boys look at the bed. We were wrong. Daegan got it in his head that the bottom bunk was bigger than the top bunk (even though we said they were both twin sized.) The spacial aspect makes the bed LOOK bigger and he was sure that that's the one he wanted. Well, when he made the claim he wanted the lower bunk, Riordan decided that's what HE wanted. We had to convince Riordan that the desk is both of theirs and they would share it. We tried to get Daegan to admit that he wanted the desk more than he wanted to sleep in the lower bunk so he'd sleep in the top bunk. Nothing happening there. He wanted both equally. The arguing got so bad that Brian and I both said forget it, we weren't going to get the stinkin' bunk bed. Alarm crossed the boys faces, and after discussing it more, that's when Riordan dedided to take the top bunk.

Compromising with a 6-year-old and 8-year-old. It'll wear you out.

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