Friday, February 4, 2011

12 days AFTER Christmas

It's been cold. And snowy. Two things that TOGETHER make it very hard to deal with. The boys have had no school because of the temps, and I can't kick them out because when I say very cold...I mean one day we had a high of 0. Negative 25 with wind chill. It's been an...entertaining week!

So, here's a wrap up:

12 loads of laundry
11 games of Hangman
10 days of whining
9 fights to break up
8 meals to cook
7 degrees, it's warming!
6 days of freezing
5...inches of snow!
4 daily school trips
3 rowdy boys
2 frozen pipes
and a mom stuck in the house!!!

More snow is on it's way! I will venture out because we have an actual high that makes sense today. Time to stock up on the food. Who knew that a quarter of Brian's checks would go to groceries with three boys in the house?!?

If you are in the other 1/3 of our country that the weather has made time stand still, stay warm and safe!

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