Friday, February 11, 2011

Not good news

As some of you have heard, mom's cancer is back. NOT with a vengeance ...we are glad that she has been getting the scans more often because of the clinical trial. However, you have to treat it fast as it is so quick at spreading. The cancer is located on a lymphnode located in her stomach. The initial procedure is giving mom a drug that is an estrogen prohibitor similar to what breast cancer patients have to take. After three months, they will take another scan. In the meantime, that allows more time between chemo sessions which has been proven to work better with more time in between. Mom and dad will be meeting with mom's oncologist on Monday and getting a second opinion from the surgeon who did mom's initial surgery in 2009 on Friday. Both women are very knowledgeable about ovarian cancer and mom.

After some reeling, mom is ready for action. When given the diagnosis of PPC, the oncologist suggested mom do the IP chemo treatment. Essentially, that is chemo directly going to her midsection (where the cancer is) rather than through all of blood stream. Mom said no to this at first but now is on board.

I would ask that you pray for these things specifically :

1) Allow the doctors to use their knowledge of mom and her personality to offer all that is available.
2) Calm my mom's heart, anxiety and shower her with support.
3) As my dad does all the research, let him and mom speak frankly to each other. When fear is involved, emotions can get in the way.
4) Pray for mom, dad, me, and all of our loved ones. Let us lift mom up, encourage her and be there for each other
5) if it is God's will, please heal my mother.

More updates will be posted. The knowledge is still new and we are dealing with it the best way we can.

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