Monday, February 18, 2013

Cartoons in Mom's Bed

A day off from school brings a welcome break in routine-I get to stay nestled in my layers of blankets and pillows until, one-by-one, incoming children crowd me out of bed.

First, my youngest child comes in wanting to snuggle.  She leans close to my face and declares, "I wake up, Mommy!"  Her breath is warm and smells.......less than sweet.  But she wakes up so happy to be alive and ready to be loved that I can only smile and breath in all of her.

Somewhere between the first "I'm hungry" and the final resolution to get up and change that diaper, she finds my phone.  Cartoons.

Someone else comes in....interested in cartoons.

And because cartoons trump breakfast, we all enjoy a little more time to snuggle together.

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