Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

I sat up in my bed, pillows propped up and my favorite blankets wrapped all around me.  Cozy.  Wes SURPRISED me with a new camera.  Yay!  The kids came in, too, and showered me with handmade art, creatively wrapped in baby blankets or otherwise tucked behind their backs while I promised to close my eyes.  
"Mom, I'm hungry."
The kids all got escorted downstairs for breakfast and Wes locked the door behind them.
Alone time for me.  I got back to my propped up pillows and being wrapped up in my favorite blankets.  A whole morning to read, write, prep my primary lesson, and pray ON MY OWN.  A hugely appreciated birthday gift.
Thanks, Wes.  Thanks kids.

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