Sunday, April 14, 2013


We have a new drainage ditch lining our steep driveway, so on Thursday I stepped out the front door to check how it was working in the heavy rain.  

Sophia made cookies.

My ten-year-old  is no stranger in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to baking cookies.

I have been working (and working) with her on reading recipes all the way through before beginning.  Also, on reading them carefully, paying attention to details.  I'm sure you can guess why.

There have been many times when I have been called back to the kitchen with questions like, "Doesn't this dough look kind of funny?" Or, "How am I supposed to roll all of these crumbs into a ball?"

So, it was no surprise to me when the front door opened and a voice called out, "Mom?  I accidentally put two CUPS of baking powder in the cookies.  Should I start over?"

Bless her heart.  Yes, I thought that would be a good idea.

Usually, after pulling one or two pans out of the oven, she caves.  "I think I'm done," she confesses.  "Can you finish baking the rest?"  Yep, we have LOTS of leftover cookie dough in our freezer.

But this time she baked up the whole recipe.  The recipe that calls for FIVE cups of white flour, and an ADDITIONAL FOUR cups of rolled oats, ground into flour.

126 Cookies.

She made 126 VERY TASTY cookies.  Perfect to dunk in a glass of cold milk.

Standing in the kitchen long enough to bake 126 cookies deserves special recognition at family council, right?  I mean, now I don't have to think so hard about how we are going to meet our recommended daily butter and sugar requirements.  Phew!

The award should really be entitled "Freezer Filler" but I liked the sound of "Pantry Packer" better.
Anyone want to offer me some free art lessons?  Anyone?

Good job, my darling "Pantry Packer!"

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