Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Garden in Early June

So far early June has delivered all those little details that I lamented over the winter- warm afternoons of kids licking away at popsicles, building forts, and tinkering beside me in the garden. They pull weeds, dig holes, plant corn, and especially love to discover new snow peas. I try to ignore my two-year-old's dirty fingers as she crunches into her edible treasures.

I guess I've successfully confused my snow peas by insisting that they grow down the fronts of my apple crates.

There are other successes around the garden, too. Although, for the second year in a row, bok choy is not one of them.

Last year, some little caterpillar invited all his friends for a really great party. This year, I learned that a cold stretch can cause bok choy to bolt early. As much as I love bok choy, I'm not so sure I'm up for trying again anytime in the near future.

But the slugs have graciously left us plenty of crisphead lettuce.

The cabbages are happy.

So is the zucchini.

And the bees are ecstatic. They love the raspberries.

Finally there are these blueberries-to-be. They just make me smile.

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