Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Garden in Early July- Roots and All

To say I was sad this week when I discovered my sweet little cinderella pumpkin uprooted and sprawled limply on the ground beside its once-happy home is a bit of an understatement. Its unfortunate demise is one of Lyla's many signatures found throughout our northwest garden. 

She is two- nearly three- and apparently overwhelmingly curious about herbaceous root structure.

Remember the peas? Fortunately, I ran fast enough to save most of them from her plucking grasp. And her little experiment didn't turn out half-bad.

But can you blame her fascination with what lies beneath? I mean, sometimes when you rip out a plant you do find something totally awesome.

And while I'm really, REALLY sad about my poor cinderella pumpkin, there's plenty more garden produce to smile about.

 Yay for broccoli!

And check out this cabbage head. I GREW THAT?!

 Prolific peas. Let me tell you 16 feet of snow peas is PLENTY for a family of seven.

On Sunday, we paired chicken-apple sausages with enough summer squash from the garden to feed the ten people around our table.

The June-bearing strawberries are sending out runners.

The blueberries are delicious.

Mmmmmmm... Green beans. Well, purple green beans. Are they just called purple beans? I've never grown them before, but I'm excited to taste them.

And I guess it's time to finish up the last remaining jar of 2012's red huckleberry jam. There will be plenty of huckleberries this year, too- they are too high for Lyla to reach!

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