Sunday, August 25, 2013

150 Mile Summer- Part 2

Hiking Tip #1: Being chased by a pack of ankle-biting zombies can be highly motivating. 

As our family has hiked deep into the Cascade mountains, we've found that packing plenty of snacks, donning imaginary "flying shoes," and yes, a good game of zombie tag all help to subdue the waning enthusiasm that inevitably kicks in somewhere around mile two. When all else fails, three-minute piggyback rides come in pretty handy, too.

Surprisingly nobody ever wants to be left behind on our next hike.

Some of our little hikers are better accessorized than others.
Taking a break along the Denny Creek Trail.
Hiking Tip #2: Planning day hikes along rivers where the kids can swim, climb waterfalls, and skip rocks is the way to go.

Keekwulee Falls
Nothing like a well-skipped rock along the Cooper River to put a smile on this boy.
Which is exactly what we had in mind when we tried to find an old trail that we had hiked with a much younger Beau over ten years ago.

As our memories helped navigate our way closer to the trailhead, we remembered the beautiful drive along the Skykomish River. Through the trees we caught glimpses of the sunlight as it danced playfully along the same current my husband, Wes, kayaked years before.

Then, about five miles down the road, we stopped the car.

Because we came across something we did NOT remember.

I think it might be a while before we ever hike Troublesome Creek trail again. Or even GET TO the trailhead.
Hiking Tip #3: Be prepared to enjoy a spontaneous change of plans.

Thirty miles left to go of our 150 mile summer.

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