Friday, August 30, 2013

Back-to-School Fashion Show

Skinny markers- check.
Fat markers- check.
Box of Tissues, Ziplock bags, Red pens, Black pens-
Check, check, check, AND check.

Everything is there, painstakingly sorted into each child's bulging backpack, now hanging neatly in the foyer...just waiting.

My eighth-grader got his schedule today and together we walked through the halls of his new school. Tomorrow my elementary school kids find out who their teachers are and which friends are in their classes. I'll have the rest of the weekend to pretend it isn't coming, but with meet-your-teacher day on Tuesday there will be no denying it. The crazy rush of the school year will swoop down on us in just five short days.

Mornings will be early. Breakfasts will be rushed. Lunches will be packed...and sometimes forgotten. And the gas tank? It will barely keep up with the relay race. Four kids to shuttle in two different directions every morning. Then, squeeze in all the errands and appointments before repeating the entire process in reverse, adding and being careful not forget anyone at basketball, piano, gymnastics, or scouts.

It's not just the hectic school-year schedule that makes me want to cry. It's the idea of losing my kids in all different directions. I will miss the togetherness of summer. The three meals a day all gathered around the table. The family puzzles. The zany skits they put together and beg me to "sit right here" and watch. I'll even miss the way Halle and Lyla love, hate, love, hate and love each other all over again every ten minutes.

If I'm being completely honest, I have a bit of the back-to-school blues.

In an effort to dispel them, we held our first annual back-to-school fashion show. Oh yes, this will definitely be an annual event. I got the idea from my friend, Lynnae, who held her first back-to-school fashion show years ago with her three daughters. Even better, Lynnae has videos that go way back to when her now married daughters were itty-bitty, prancing around, showing off their new school outfits. I may have to see that priceless footage someday. I wonder if it looks anything like what went on here tonight.

The combination of these five kids and classic tunes like "She's Got the Look" and "I'm Too Sexy" were clearly beyond my point-and-shoot camera skills.

What back-to-school traditions do you have?

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