Thursday, February 12, 2009

Couch pics for Lena

Sorry, girl, I've been busy. Here are the pics! These are the first new couches Brian and I have ever owned. We've been fortunate to have my mom and dad give us their old one's for 14 years. It's a HUGE deal for us to be able to buy some for ourselves. We went with leather in hopes to keep the dog and cat hair down for the boys. I've already seen how much hair is left when the cat lays on the couches!! It's incredible. The next step is to get hardwood floors, but that won't be for awhile. We have two animal loving kids that both are allergic. It was important for us to keep the animals, and find a way to make it work!!

I would also like to post the pic of the boys' bathtub before the horrendous cleaning I had to do. With a bad back, it took 30 minutes to clean!!!! Brian said that even HE noticed it was getting it was BAD. HOW DOES IT GET SO BAD?!??!?!?! Better do they get so dirty? It's winter! They're playing inside. It's not like they're getting sweaty and dirty playing in the dirt! Notice the perfect rectangle that was left after I removed the non-slip mat that goes into the bathtub! Ha ha!

This weekend will be busy for all of us. I am so happy to report that my in-laws will finally be moving into their new, rebuilt home a little more than a year after the fire. The house is beautiful. Stupendous. I told my MIL that her house is too sexy for her and she needed to get slippers with rhinestones on them for day to day lounging!! I'm very excited for the both of them. Congrats on the new home!!

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