Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

Ugh! I'm so tired of the rain! I guess I can't complain because there are some in Colorado that has received over two feet of snow...but 45 hours straight rain is very unusual for these parts. It's been cold, rainy and windy so I have been cooped up in the house. I just want to be outside! Thank goodness for warm weather in the forecast, I just might go nuts. I have realized that I would not do well living in the Pacific Northwest. I just can't handle the gloomy weather and it really does bring my spirits down. I have been searching garden sites like and just checking out my fellow gardening blogs wishing I was outside planting. I did end up buying a few things from Bluestone Perennials and might buy more during their annual sale that happens in May. I've been missing out on Bluestone's catalog because I moved and forgot to change my address with them. I finally remembered to send an email to them to get an address change. I can't wait to see what they have!

The boys have been handling the weather better than I have. Staying in pretty good spirits. Riordan ended up going outside for about 30 minutes when the rain finally stopped. I came back in with his shoes soaked. For awhile there, our back yard had tiny lakes all around. I haven't been able to work at Picadilly and have had some extra time to clean the house before the next round of work begins.

Here are some of the items I bought from Bluestone:

Brunnera Jack Frost
A beautiful shade lover that has variegated leaves.
Tiny forget me nots wave in the breeze during the Springtime. I've been wanting Brunnera since I first visited the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Lobelia Cardinalis
This one is planted in my Nursery's garden. It says it likes shade, but ours is planted in full sun. I love how long the flowers lasted, and also love the green and red foliage. I'm not positive where I'm going to put this, but most likely in my hot garden bed up front.

DIGITALIS purpurea Dalmation
I'm a huge lover of Foxglove but have yet to get it to reseed itself. I'm hoping with more plants, I'm beating the odds and something will actually bloom. Foxglove's are very poisonous, so I will be keeping my dog far away from this plant in my backyard.

Astilbe White Gloria
I love this plant. Some people tend to be afraid of white, but I've got an idea to incorporate in my shade garden variegated leaves, blues, pinks, yellow and whites all along the side of my fence. This plant will be a part of the plan. This goes along with the Brunnera above, some blue lupine (that I haven't bought yet...heh, heh) and another plant that I still can't seem to remember the name that I bought last week. I will also be adding a Patriot Hosta. I already have planted the Mohican Viburnum, scattered yellow columbine, Fothergilla and some Japanese Anemones. I need to find some more summer shade lovers because it will be absolutely stunning during the spring, but will lose the color later. Any suggestions out there would be appreciated!

I know it seems as if I've only bought cooler tones this year, but I skipped over a lot of the blues and purpes for yellows and reds last year. I'm putting my cooler tones in the backyard while keeping the hot beds up in the front. All in all, I still have plenty to move around from front to back to keep things looking nice and really have to finish my rabbit fence to surround my flowers so my dogs doesn't trample and eat them this year. I like the rabbit fence because you still can see through it and it doesn't detract from the plants. I'll see if I still think that way when I plant more.

Here's looking forward to the sun!

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