Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Snow Pea Experiments

Towering Douglas-firs and Western Redcedars filtered the early morning light.  I finished picking lettuce and took a quick peek around the rest of the garden.

I wondered how my little snow pea experiment would turn out.  Would they actually cascade down the face of my apple crates?

I checked the strawberry beds next and noticed something unusual in the cinder block wall.  Something green was reaching for the sun from deep within one of the pockets.   It was another pea plant!  

It was then I remembered dashing across my garden to save as many pea plants as I could from my two-year-old's plucking fingers.  Not quick enough to rescue all of them, I succumbed that afternoon to a brief, bad mommy moment that sounded something like


Catching myself, I bent down to her level, and showed her the lawn growing in the strawberry patch.  This time with a much gentler voice, I asked if she would pluck out the grass while I quickly finished up a few remaining garden chores.  Somehow in that process she must have replanted this little pea plant.  

Hmmmmmm.....I wonder how HER little experiment will turn out.

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