Saturday, November 2, 2013

The New Clean

I'm biting my tongue...STILL.

At first it was kind of hard not to say anything. Seriously, "clean" has taken on an entirely new definition. Um, hello? Your jeans could walk around on their own, Sweetheart.

But now? Now it grows even more amusing with each passing day.

Hey, it's a wapping 38 degrees out this morning! But those shorts sure do look warm and toasty! (ran out of clean pants, huh?)

I suppose I should be a little embarassed. But as I recently sat in Cub Scout pack meeting, clapping as my son received an award, all I could do was laugh at his one-size-too-small athletic pants with a giant hole in the knee.

 (This ridiculously blurry photo of Tyjah pinning me with his bobcat award this summer is the best I have for the moment!) 

I admit, after he sat back down, I whispered a responsible, "those really aren't okay to wear to pack meeting, Tyjah." But inside I was still smiling.

I taught my oldest three children how to do their laundry this summer. I don't know what took me so long.

They've done a great job for months. But the last couple of weeks I've seen Mount Laundry in the boys' room grow to a formidable height.

Nothing like natural consequences, I tell you--EXCEPT WHEN YOUR KIDS ARE TOTALLY OKAY WITH THEM!

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