Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust! Goodbye 2010!

Happy New Year! The New Year doesn't mean much as I don't make resolutions, don't stay up until midnight, and don't drink on New Years Eve. However, it's the start of new seasons, new beginnings in other areas, so I say again...Happy New Year!

Today my two younger children had school for two hours for assessment testing and then they are off again tomorrow. They already had two weeks off previously!  How do working parents manage? I am not sure, but it probably involves working something out with day care. How do they get them to school and back with the day care?  More than I would want to deal with!  It was nice to have a nice breather, whatever reason.  Ran around and did errands like a mad woman with the two hours I had, as the oldest IS back in school.

Christmas, Riordan's Birthday and New Years went well. We had a lovely dinner at our house with my parents for Christmas. Dad had made some videos that included Riordan as a baby, along with some other festivities. Video captures so much more! A lot of fun for all of us to watch. Mom tricked me and put a heavy brick along with my present, so we had a good laugh over that. (I had asked for a giftcard) ha! This year was especially special because the boys really put in some thought about what to get me this year. It brought tears to my eyes!

For Christmas Eve we went to our old church. It's the first time I have been in the church where I didn't feel anger. Lovely service and I was glad we went.  Not sure if I'm ready to go back there continuously, but I would listen to another sermon by the new pastor.

Although I didn't make any resolutions, I did tell myself I would write more in this blog rather than my private one.  I am writing almost daily there, but just needed a break from making sure what I wrote was fitting for others eyes.  It was nice just to WRITE.  Anyway, I hope to be writing here more often. 

In a few days Brian and I will be celebrating our 16th Anniversary.  16 years.  Wow.  I even have a hard time imagining so much time has passed.  We sit in bed and recall things from the earlier years and when we were dating and although look back fondly...we are so glad we are where we are today. 

Here's wishing you a prosperous New Year.  I pray for better news daily, my mom's continued good health, the job market to get better, the boys to stay healthy and for my hubby and I to make it to another year. ;)

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