Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dry Winter

Your hands are dry. Hair has static. Can't touch anything in your house without getting zapped. You must live in Colorado in the winter!

So, you put lotion on for your dry body, conditioner on your hair, and...still get zapped by everything you touch in your house. If you are taking care of your dryness, have you stopped to think about your plants and trees needing the same treatment?

I put this out every year, but have to say it again. Water during the winter! We have had such a dry season, and although there is finally snow on the ground, I hope you had watered during September -January, because boy, did those plants need it! If you didn't, no time to start like the present. If we have a dry winter, I always suggest for people to take 5 gallon buckets and drill a small hole in the bottom. Then place the bucket at the base of the tree or near the base. Fill with water. The water will slowly seep into the ground, ensuring you that the tree is getting at least five gallons of water. For the larger trees, I put two buckets down. If it is really dry and the weather highs have been above normal, I will water twice a month. If we had some moisture, then just once. If we have a very wet winter, I do not water at all. If the ground is frozen, I wait until we have a few days of warmer weather before attempting to water at all. I currently have 14 trees and 4 buckets that I distributed around the yard.

This has saved landscapes. While your neighborhood's trees are dead all around you, yours will be lush and healthy in the spring! I also water my shrubs and perennials with a hose.

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