Saturday, March 23, 2013

Breaking out of the Chore Rut

We have a great family chore system.  We have used minor variations of the very same system for years BECAUSE IT WORKS.  The kids have a few daily chores that they keep up with during the week and then on Saturday they have a longer weekly list to tackle.  I have to say, my kids are really great about getting their chores done and mostly without complaint.  But sometimes, even though the kids rotate through different chores, it just feels like the same-old, same-old.   

So today, I switched up our regular Saturday chores routine for this-

While the kids raced through their chores, trying to be the $4.00 prize winner, I had time to catch this-

How have I never noticed this before?  Halle sticks her tongue out while she vacuums!

In a little over an hour, everyone was done with their weekly chores.  And then I heard the most unusual things-

"Chores were so fun today!"
"Can we do it like that every week?"
"Thanks so much for putting that together, Mom!"

Yaaaaaah.  These are not typical post-chore comments.

Good-bye old Saturday morning routine.

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