Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Kids' Favorite Smoothie

Monster juice.  Shrek smoothie.  Green smoothie.  Call it what you will, every time I try to switch things up a bit and make a different smoothie, my kids ask why I'm not making this one-

A spread of good ingredients on a clean countertop always makes me smile.

Ingredient List:
Almond milk
Frozen strawberries (semi-defrosted)
Frozen bananas (semi-defrosted)
Chocolate protein powder (we use about 1/4 cup)
Peanut butter
Ice (optional)

Sorry.  No exact amounts on this one.  

Also, a word about frozen bananas-  I chuck all of my mushy bananas in the freezer.  Yep, as is. Seriously, just stand back and throw (still in the peel, obviously).  No bag needed.

Add all of the solid ingredients first.  Then, poor in enough milk to get the consistency you want. Sometimes we want something thicker that requires a spoon.  Sometimes we are more in a sipping mood.  Adjust the amount of milk for what you're up to that day.
Then, of course, blend.

Call all the kids...

...because you will want to compare mustaches.

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