Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today was better

The doctor's office was not able to see me until Thursday at 3:00 p.m. The woman that I talked to on the phone suggested that I go to the ER. Um...no. What could they do for me? Hydrate me with an IV and then I'd sit there for 5 hours! I decided to call other doctors within the area, but none could see me, so I am eating light meals that are bland and hoping for the best until Thursday. I am feeling better with eating like that, so I'll be able to tell the doctor that. Not sure if it's gallstones, an ulcer or a weird stomach flu, but I have to function. I did get to the store today which was a HUGE feat! Got food for the boys and Brian and got me some things that I could eat during the day and evening. I know it's better because steak sounded good. I can't eat it, but it sounded yummy. I just want to get better before Friday because that is when Brian and I are celebrating our 15 Anniversary!

I ate a bowl of rice and was full half way through. Not good. However, I've also had a banana, some yogurt and lots of liquid during the day. I was also able to take a nap which is why I'm still awake now, so that helped a lot!

Keep praying, guys. I've loved the phone calls and appreciate the well wishes. I have to say, I won't be able to eat like this forever, so I hope they find out what is wrong! I enjoy the flavor of food too much!!

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