Sunday, January 10, 2010


I ended up calling another doctor's office and got in earlier the same day I had the other appointment at the other doctor's office. I really wanted to say a big "screw you!!" to the previous doctor's office, but will instead be a bigger person and just ask for my records. The new doctor's office has a wonderful staff, wonderful doctor. Immediately had blood work done (which came back fine) and am scheduled to go in for an ultrasound Monday morning. He is thinking it's gallstones. Now, of all the things it could be, that isn't the worst, but because of what causes the PAIN from gallstones, I am now a vegan. Ugh. No animal products. I tasted soy milk for the first time this morning. Tried to get past the yellowish color that it was. Not bad, but it's not milk.

The boys and Brian are ready for me to be able to eat normally. When there is only two of you, you can pretty much cook for yourself and then for the other, but when there's more than just two, that's a lot of extra work to do, so the boys have been eating what I am able to eat. Brian and Daegan went to the store and bought makings for a fantastic salad (day 3 of eating salads for lunch and/or dinner). He also bought the soy milk, no cholesterol butter and other things that made him feel really, really old. Ha! I appreciate his trying to make me feel better, I really do. It might kill me right now to see them eating a pizza at this time. Or hot wings, which is something Corrin is asking for daily. My kids are traitors. ;)

Truthfully, this whole thing has made me rethink what I have been eating. I believe the bloodwork would have shown high cholesterol if I had it, but we still eat lots of meat and dairy, and should be eating more salads that consist more than a couple of vegetables. We eat canned and frozen veggies as sides, but rarely eat fresh ones (unless it's the summer, we eat alot of fresh things then). I don't think we eat UNhealthy, we could just eat healthier.

I do miss cheese. A lot. And a cheeseburger sounds delightful right now. I will continue to eat this way until I figure out what exactly is going on because the pain has almost stopped. I just have the occasional sharp pains in my abdominal area. Even after the ultrasound, there is the chance that 1) I DO have gallstones and they are small, which means they can give me a medicine to help shrink them and I continue to eat the way I am for awhile 2) I have large gallstones and damage to my gallbladder which means I have to have surgery, and have to continue to eat the way I am until surgery or 3) it's NOT gallstones and we have more tests to do and I continue to eat the way that I am eating until we figure out what the problem is.

Yeah, I'm a bit pissy.

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