Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mums and More

Funny. Of all the fallified front porches, fireplace mantels, and foyers to be found in the maze we call Pinterest, I haven't seen one fallified car.

Go figure.

Fall is all over our front porch, too. Oh, good grief! I just noticed that price tag-beautiful. At least it doesn't seem to bother Book. Yep. Our cat's name is Book. Go figure again.

Here's a close-up of that wreath. It was spring when my daughters and I gathered enough bright green moss from our property to put it together. By fall the moss had dried and faded so that, with a bit of burlap and accessories, I had the perfect fall wreath.

I would never call myself a crafter--most of my attempts at following crafty instructions or even cutting straight lines end with me curled up in the fetal position. But this wreath boosts my fragile craft-esteem and allows me the confidence to stroll again through Michael's with my head held high.

Please don't ever knock my wreath.

We also brought up some plump pumpkins from the garden and what was left of our measly corn stalks.

Fall has moved inside, too. The collection of rocks and shells from this summer's rivers and beaches has acquired a few colorful leaves for small fingers to explore. There's even a plastic bear hidden among the rocks. Lyla likes to tuck him in with plenty of cozy leaves and pretend he is hibernating.

Watching Halle use the rocks and leaves to do her math makes me smile.

A recent storm had enough time to do some damage before I remembered to gather all of the potted mums into the garage. Halle quickly capitalized on the spoils.

And added her own little touch of fall around the kitchen.

The remaining squash came in from the garden this week and after a good scrub-down is now drying on the kitchen island. Even though they have commandeered quite a bit of my work-space, I will probably enjoy them being there for a few extra days. Next to mums, nothing articulates FALL better than a great big pile of brightly-colored winter squash.

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