Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Zoo

First of all, whether you commented on my blog, Facebook, or messaged me privately, thank you for all of the encouraging comments following yesterday's post. I don't blog for comments but I treasure those heart-felt ones I do receive. 

Now on to some fun photos--

Whether it was the Woodland Park Zoo when we lived in Seattle or the Toledo Zoo when we lived in Michigan, my older children (then younger) were often asking me to hold them up so they could better see the orangutans and lemurs. Come to think of it, this may explain some of their table manners!

But last month I realized that somehow in Lyla's three years of life, she has not yet made it to the zoo. What?!

I immediately shuffled around the puzzle I call my calendar and last week Lyla and I headed to the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Below is just 30 seconds of the excitement that went on for over an hour as she ran up, down, and everywhere in between.

She kept this pace going to cover the zoo three times over--it's really small.

She loved the cranes.

And the wallabies.

And the McCaws. 

But most of all, she loved feeding the alpacas.

Clearly, the whole experience was a total drag for her.

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