Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I am so thankful to have three men in my life. My father, father-in-law and my hubby. They truly are heroes in my book.

In my opinion, there are only a select few that can really live up to the father name. I look at my own father and remember growing up looking to him for the consistency in my life. He was always calm, level headed, truthful. His faith in God was the rock in my household. Things didn't always go just perfect in our family, but he held it together with love and respect. My father had a wild son and a rebellious daughter who constantly came home with issues to be dealt with. I look back on those times and know he never stopped loving me. He always came up with advice that I took to heart. When my dad spoke, I listened. Thank you, dad, for being there for me, for giving me slices of your wisdom, and setting the example that I wanted for my own hubby. You are loved so much by me!

I've known my father-in-law for almost 15 years. He is one of the most kind hearted, giving men that I have ever known. He works hard (too hard) for his family, and would give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger. He is the father of my hubby and I thank him for raising such a fine man. I see pieces of him in Brian, and I chuckle, because they are so much alike. I find that I am at a loss for words on how important he is in my life. I just couldn't imagine him not being there.

My own hubby. From the very start, he has embraced fatherhood in a whole new way. I hear stories of women that say their husbands don't help with the kids, and I look at my honey and say, "Thank you, God, for giving him to me." He is the most helpful man who has pride in the fact that he does it all on his own. He loves his children to the point of heartache, and I love him so much for that. There has never been any doubt in my mind, you are the best father of them all. I love you.

Happy Father's Day!

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