Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It worked!

I currently have an almost blooming, 12'H, 6'W Mock Orange that looks like Cousin It right now because all of the rain that we have received. However, the key to the prior sentence is "almost blooming". It's taken three years to get it right, but the bush is COVERED in buds. I know that my Mock Orange is a monster compared to most (I'm guessing it's because it's really old, and the newer varieties are made to be smaller) but we'll take what we can get. From what I've read, the smell is very strong and citrus and I cannot wait until the buds pop!

For shrubs that grow new canes every year, you have to really cut down the shrub to replenish the growth. When we moved into our house, the shrub hadn't been cut down in who knows how long. We always cut it down in the very early spring, because that's when the huge leaves were off and it made for easier cleanup. However, since we had cut down at this time, we always cut off the emerging blooms.

The mock orange is not the only shrub that this happens. A lot of lilacs bloom on old wood. Most types of spring flowering shrubs you want to wait until right after it blooms before trimming. There are always exceptions to every rule (ie. butterfly bush), but this is something to remember.

If only I could share smell over the internet! :) I'm guessing one more week or less and the buds will have opened.

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