Monday, June 1, 2009

Plant row is GONE, baby!

For several weeks, I've had a row of plants lined up, sitting so patiently to be planted. Every day I'd give them a drink, promising them that SOON I'd get them into the ground so they could spread and prosper. Every night I would apologize to them because I wasn't able to get to the planting.

Yesterday, I finally planted all of them but two. The lightening and thunder outside was a deterrent, so we quickly packed up everything and it called it a day. We also went to Home Depot to find a material to cover my vegetable gardens for those pesky hail storms that are so prevalant this month. Brian had constructed three hoops to go over the gardens made out of PVC pipe that he slipped into some cut off pvc pipe he attached to the raised bed. After doing some research, it looks like screen door material is the easiest to work with, and will still allow sun to come through when I can't roll the screen back. Since the gardens are on my east side, I really have to make sure the sun can get to the plants the full 7 hours of the day for optimum growth. Because of my planting, we were not able to finish this project yesterday, and I'm hoping the weather holds out!! First year veggie garden, please be nice with comments! ;)

I planted a newly released rose 'Julia Child' that is yellow with a sweet scent. I also planted coreopsis 'Moonbeam', a blue lupine, two different hibiscus plants ('Galaxy' and 'Fireball'), two types of Lobelia (one for the shade and one for a sunny spot), a perennial four o'clock, two more 'Rocky Mountain' penstemon, some California poppies and a new annual that seeds, the soon to be famous 'Lauren Springer Grape' poppy. I also planted two everbearing strawberry plants 'Ft. Laramie'. I'm not sure if I'll like the taste, but I know I'll love the color. Two more ornamental strawberries were planted by my 'Wine and Roses' Weigela that hasn't done much this year. I can't STAND holes in my gardens. After I plant my delphinium, all will be planted. I still would like to purchase a Blue Mist spirea, but as Brian has pointed out, we've run out of room. We'll see about that.

My idea of planting all shrubs in the back has quickly left the building. Brian and I aren't all that surprised. I just love color, and designing the backyard so I get optimal color all seasons. One plant that I have been going back and forth on is the Beautyberry so I get more winter interest. After doing a lot of research, it sounds like this shrub is iffy making it out here, but it is so gorgeous, I might order it online.

I know that Davey will be ordering more, which excites me and makes me filled with dread because I have to find more spots to plant. I do have room for more ground cover to hide all of my dying bulb foliage and am so happy with 'Snow in Summer' that I think I'll be adding more of that in my rock gardens and the other side of my front garden.

I am NOT happy with my hardy glads that I ordered from Breck's. They are small...PETITE even, and barely visible from my back patio. Bright pink, which you can see better because of my fence backdrop, but nothing to jump up and down with joy about.

I have to resist the temptation to pull out my burning bushes that I transferred last fall. They look pathetic and are such an eye sore. I promised myself that I'll give them one more year to rebound, and if they don't look better...they are GONE.

All in all, a very happy planting day! The daily changes in my gardens are wonderful, and as always I'm happy to walk them.

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