Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missed it by THAT much!

Today has been an interesting day. I woke up, poured my coffee and walked outside. I looked on my walkway and there were several daylilly blooms that had been chopped off it's stalks. I kind of look at the severed pieces in denial. Who would do such a thing? About 1/4 of the stalks were removed by what looks like a stick that was swung. I waited 2 hours for my kids to wake up to ask them if they knew anything about it. They both seemed pretty innocent. My family knows how much joy my gardens bring me, so I can't see them doing it. Mystery unsolved.

All of us went outside and planted my latest purchases. Brian then added on to the misters and drip lines for all of the plants. We then start to clean up when WHAT???the tornado alarm goes off! We're used to hearing it the first Wednesday of the month for testing purposes, but have never heard it during the week. Evidently, there were tornadoes all around us! Plus, hail that was reported to being 1/2 inch to a full inch across! We rush downstairs in the basement coralling the animals, too, and sit for about 35 minutes until the tornado warning was supposively over.

When we come up from the basement, I was expecting damage of sorts from the winds, but nothing happened. We are so very lucky that this terrible storm just missed us! Later we find out that around 5 tornadoes were spotted within the Denver Metro area, with one that was only 15 minutes NW of us, heading due east!

I lived in tornado alley for 10 years and did NOT miss this type of excitement!

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