Monday, June 1, 2009

Mom update

I was told by several people that I haven't had any updates about mom written here. Well, it's because there's not a lot to update you with. I talked to her last night and she reports, "I still have leg pain, I still have neuropathy in my hands, and I'm still bald".

The leg pain gets bad in the evenings, and she's trying so hard not to use strong, prescribed medicine to get through it. Since she had fibromyalgia before her chemo, she isn't sure if it's that, or the taxol in her system. I'm guessing taxol, but that's only a guess.

As for her hair, I know it takes awhile for it to come back, but I'm really praying that it takes root soon...she's desperate for her hair to be back!

Her next Avastin treatment is the 10th, and she goes in for a womanly check-up today. She can't remember why she goes in for that since there's "nothing there anymore" but we'll find out today.

Her days are pretty good, but she still tries to take it easy since she gets tired so easily. All in all, things are the same.

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