Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Between Baking Projects . . . I Like to do a Little Gardening Now and Then . . .

I'm not really sure what these are . . . I think my brother-in-law calls them sundrops. Appropriate, yes?

Even a garish little primrose appears shamelessly amid the detritus of last autumn.

The sweet woodruff is in full bloom right now, and the fern unfurled just last week . . .

Trillium are protected in Michigan, so when I see this flower in our backyard I feel like we've been entrusted with something remarkable.

This lovely little plant with the speckled leaves is a pulmonaria variety called "Mrs. Moon." The blooms are tiny as can be, but aren't they cute?

Back to baking now. (On the menu tomorrow . . . fresh strawberry scones.)

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