Monday, May 18, 2009

Browsing my gardens

My baby, Emerald Arrow Bosnian Pine. To the left is the Emerald Carousel, to the right is the Autumn Magic Chokeberry.

Side border with my forsythia that I had to cut way down...hardy glads, tulips, Karl Rosenfield paeonia, and Coppertina Ninebark

Various iris that I dug up from my mother-in-laws home and that Lisa from my work gave me.

May Night salvia, Centranthus Ruber or Jupiter's Beard

My two veggie gardens just built along with major cleanup that needs to happen. Yikes! The barrel is for my raspberries...

I love sticking pots in my gardens until they get the height they will be in several years...

One of the many containers I potted up. I just LOVE this ruby red geranium!

Claire de Lune clematis. I really need to find a spot for this. It is just breathtaking.

My front garden...year three. The huge bush is actually a mock orange. I've never seen one this big. This is the first year we haven't cut it down. We're hoping for the citrus-smelling flowers in June. I think you have to actually click on the pic to see it!

Other front garden, year two.

Malva Zebrina. I came back this evening to take more pictures and something is eating it all up! :(

This is one of my favorite views. I'm in love with aspens. Thank goodness I live in Colorado!

A random purple iris. I love it that I never know what will show up each year!

Pasque flower, gone to seed. I can't decide if I love this plant with the flowers, or this way.

My first attempt at a "Steppable". It's quite taller than I thought. I can't get myself to step on it...

Linum perenne or Blue flax. My hubby's favorite!! It reseeds nicely and is quite manageable. The truest blue I can find.

Closeup of yellow iris. I'm addicted to these flowers. So graceful and elegant.

Queen of the Night tulip. I hated to see the blooms fall. I can't wait until this beauty multiplies. I received the bulbs in the mail too late in the fall and wasn't able to plant all of them.

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