Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting old and the crap that comes with it.

Oh, God, it's happened. I've gotten old. I look in the mirror and see the same person...but as I crawl into bed (more like fall) I feel every ache and pain vividly. My leg kept cramping up today like a full fledged charlie horse. Wham! I'd be with a customer and then just yell out, "Ow!" I think they might have thought I was nuts. Then I'd start hobbling around trying to massage my calve while walking. Can we say hunchback of Picadilly? My back hurts. Feet hurt. Arms hurt. I've got a bazillion mosquito bites because we haven't been able to spray yet. My fellow worker actually told me when she was scheduling that she didn't want to wear me out by scheduling me too much. She's like 12 years older than me. That felt AWESOME, let me tell you. It's like this every year when I start back up. Walking 6-10 miles per day is a killer. If I saw my legs get leaner and my ass get smaller, it might make it all worthwhile. However, when I get home, I eat like a horse to make up for the calories I just burned off and it doesn't seem to help. I truly am blessed to have my job, but I suffer for it nightly. LOL.

Thank goodness for days off so I can start feeling better and then it starts all over again!

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