Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today I told myself I would rest, but it didn't quite work out that way! I ended up going to the store, paying bills, doing some laundry and then heading to Picadilly to get "some annuals". I just planned on getting some for one pot (which I did) but I also ended up buying quite a few perennials and grasses that I have been looking at since March. I was teased mercilessly from my co-workers that I can't stay away.

I wasn't smart today and forgot to put sunscreen on so I can already feel pain in my shoulders. Breaking in the skin for the summer, I guess. I've been very good the past couple of years, but always seem to burn the first time!!

After planting today, and deciding what I'm going to put in a large spot that is in my front, I'll start taking pictures of the gardens. My backyard is pretty boring, because everything is very small, but I'm anxious to start keeping track of sizes, when I planted and compare to two to four years from now.

Brian and I had been planning on putting a water feature in a corner of our backyard, but after thinking about it for awhile, I figured it would be too far from where our deck is going to be, and the sound would be lost. So, I will be tagging a Pinus leuc. (heldreichi) 'Mint Truffle' Bosnian Pine to put in that corner so we have some constant green in the back yard since everything else is decidious. This type of bosnian pine has very dense foliage with inward curving branches so it will be perfect. I'm also interested in a dwarf spruce called, Picea pungens 'St. Mary's Broom'. It only gets 30"x30" and is great for the smaller places in my gardens that happens to be right up against my grass. I'll put this in front of some ornamental grasses that I have planted. I have a hard time paying the price for this specialty shrub (a whopping 80 bucks!) but since I'm winding down on purchasing this year, I guess I can splurge.

I have a few more things to plant on Friday, and then on to my vegetable garden on Sunday!! :)

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