Friday, May 1, 2009

Fantastic news

Mom had her CA125 test results come back yesterday, and the number is.....

Wait for it....

Now, remember...she had the last chemo on Wednesday, so they'll take another test in three weeks to see what her numbers are.

Please pray for mom and dad to be able to do this last one. I will be able to go over to mom and dad's house on Sunday it looks like, so that will give them the break they need. Both are worn out, both are having cabin fever, and both are driving each other crazy. Pray that they might have some time to themselves after this is all done (I mean away from each other...ha ha) and then have the heart grow fonder and all of that. Mom's talking about going to visit her sister in St. Louis, and dad's talking about going to his reunion in August. A nice break for the both of them.

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