Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apple Crates

Three years ago, I came across an apple farmer on Craigslist who was selling apple crates.  Big 4'x4'x4' wooden apple crates for $10 each that he would deliver FOR FREE on his way to Seattle.  I'm not one to pass up a deal and those crates pleaded with me to plant vegetables in them.  Arrangements were made and a week later a super nice apple farmer was unloading ten huge apple crates at my house.  

After the crates were all in place, I stood next to one and peered into the deep abyss that I had planned on so easily filling with garden soil.  I don't know what I was thinking- or rather, NOT thinking.  Sixty-four cubic feet of space... TO FILL WITH WHAT?!  Garden soil is not cheap!  Second thoughts started gnawing at my pride and I needed a solution.  Something that I could fling out there with a "duh- I was planning on this the whole time." Fortunately, the trampoline rescued me.

In all my garden naivety, I knew better than to fill the bottom layer of the crates with the compact clay we were digging out of the trampoline hole.  But we were also digging out rocks.  We had tons of rocks.  And plenty of children to help carry them down to fill the bottom of the crates.  Phew!!  Pride saved.

Just a few rocks-and children-left in the bottom of the hole

Once the rocks were piled in, I filled in the gaps with soil.  Then, I added a layer of saved-up kitchen scraps and finally, some garden soil up to the top.

Not only are the apple crates PRODUCTIVE, but check out the character they add to the garden!

I love my apple crates!

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