Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Plant a Lawn in Your Strawberry Patch:

1.  Prepare your soil.  Be sure to mix in lots of high quality organic matter.  If you are local, Moo Doo from Hygrass Farms on the Auburn plateau is a fantastic choice.  Really, I love this stuff.

2.  Purchase a bale of straw-not hay.  Although there's nothing like the sweet smell of hay, a bale of it contains seeds galore.  You certainly don't want to put all the work into creating such a rich environment for your precious plants, only to introduce thousands of tiny weed seeds.

3.  Mulch your garden beds with the straw and feel fully satisfied that you are being a good steward over your little patch of edibles.  Ahhhhhhh...  You ARE a good gardener!

4.  Check on your garden.  In about ten days you will find a nice green lawn surrounding your strawberry plants.  Be sure to realize that not all straw is created equal.  In fact, some of it is just down-right poor quality and full of little seeds.

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