Friday, April 5, 2013


For the last three hours Lyla has been kneading my back with her feet.  Each time I wake up with a little fist in my face, I glance out the window at a slightly brighter sky.

I lift my head off the pillow and stare at her security.   Her breathing is heavy-she's out. It's not often that I need to bring her back to my bed in the middle of the night, but she's working on some new molars.  

She will wake up soon, feeling safe.  How nice it must feel to have her mother so close!  She can roll over (unknowingly slap me in the face) and know that if any scary monsters venture out from under the bed, I'm here.

I can't help but compare how she must be feeling with how I feel when I really turn to my Heavenly Father through scripture study and prayer.  Those times when morning and evening prayers are not simply checked off my to-do list.  When my need for sleep succombs to my need for spiritual nourishment and I search the scriptures late into the night.  It is those times when I feel my Heavenly Father so near to me.  I feel empowered to know that as I seek to remain close to him, whatever monsters may creep out of dark corners, he is there.  

So when you wake, my little Lyla, take in the closeness of your mother.  Remember this feeling.  Then, as you grow and begin to face those monsters, seek out that warmth and protection through real prayer and scripture study.  And let your relationship with your Heavenly Father breath confidence into all your righteous endeavors.  

He is close.

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